The onset of Large Language Models (LLMs) is reshaping the way users interact with virtual assistants. These advanced models promise more natural and personalized conversational experiences, opening new doors for the support landscape.

Generative AI will be the fulcrum that businesses rely on to enhance, empower, and engage employees and customers.

(Source: Forrester)

However, consistent challenges like lack of limited context, biased responses, and hallucinations stand in the way of seamless user support.

This is where SUVA (SearchUnify Virtual Assistant) reigns supreme. It harnesses the innovative SearchUnifyFRAGTM framework to deliver relevant, contextual, intent-driven, and factually correct information at scale.

SUVA has successfully empowered leading enterprises to elevate their user experience, achieving:


increase in self-service resolution rate


improvement in customer effort score (CES)


reduction in support costs

Interested in learning more? Tune into the first episode of our comprehensive video series, ‘SUVA Chronicles - A Deep Dive into the Next-Generation Virtual Assistant,’ featuring Ramkrishna Agrawal, Product Manager, SearchUnify, and Yajush Chaudhary, Business Analyst, SearchUnify. Together, they

    • Highlight the fundamentals of SUVA and its breakthrough evolution
    • Unveil its proprietary FRAGTM framework for optimized LLM experiences
    • Showcase its live demonstration to offer a clear picture of its generative AI capabilities

Are you interested in learning more about SUVA and its cutting-edge capabilities fueled by LLMs?

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