How would you like it if your virtual assistant, instead of stating facts, starts fabricating information? Hallucinations and limited context often plague LLM-powered virtual assistants, causing low user satisfaction and eroding trust.

While businesses are turning to GenAI to improve customer engagement, nearly 80% of customers are wary of technology risks and demand a thoughtful approach to review and validate GenAI’s outputs.

(Source: Salesforce)

Introducing to you the cutting-edge SearchUnify Virtual Assistant (SUVA) designed for next-generation conversational experiences. By leveraging the power of proven techniques—prompting and temperature control—it produces relevant, contextual, factual, and domain-specific responses.

Interested in diving into the details? Tune into the second episode of our comprehensive video series, ‘SUVA Chronicles - A Deep Dive into the Next-Generation Virtual Assistant,’ featuring Ramkrishna Agrawal, Product Manager, SearchUnify, and Yajush Chaudhary, Business Analyst, SearchUnify. Together, they cover

    • What prompting and temperature setting means
    • How prompting and temperature setting control multiple use cases
    • And, its live demonstration

Are you interested in learning more about SUVA and its cutting-edge capabilities fueled by LLMs?

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