speaker 1

Leo Daley

Director, Community ,Kronos

Leo’s tech services experience includes roles with NEC and Kronos. With NEC, Leo focused on services management and administration for the Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) division. Since 2000 with Kronos, he’s been responsible for services business development, content, and services marketing. In 2010, Leo established the “Working Smarter Café” blog to create engaging content for the Kronos brand and authored nearly 1,000 posts through 2016.
speaker 2

Vishal Sharma

CTO, SearchUnify

Vishal is the CTO of SearchUnify. He has more than a decade of experience in developing & deploying enterprise search solutions, optimizing CRM systems, and developing online communities. Having worked with stakeholders ranging from CTOs to VPs of customer success to community managers, he brings a unique perspective on the impact of cognitive search across all verticals of business.
SearchUnify’s AI-powered search technology offers everything you need to enable successful self-service and more. It provides highly relevant and personalized search results for customer support channels, and its chatbot, Sarah.