The recent pandemic upended businesses everywhere. Employees confined to their homes, lowered customer spending, and uncertainty are to be blamed.

However, customers still require assistance with their concerns. Given the remote working scenario and limited staff, service teams are having a hard time addressing these requests. As a result, CX takes a major blow which leads to customer churn.

There is just one solution: evolve and improvise. But how? Most businesses are already using the best solutions that technology offers. So, what else can they do? Well, how about equipping the service teams with AI? That’s what we talk about in this whitepaper.

Key Takeaways


Challenges of Remote Work

The inevitable challenges employees face while working from their homes


New Priorities for Support Leaders

How the change in dynamics has altered the priorities of the leadership teams


Cognitive Search: The AI Supplement for Your Org

How cognitive search can empower your teams to delight customers