Search is the gateway to all your knowledge. But how good is it?

Can people with partial knowledge of your brand’s terminology find meaningful results? What if someone knows exactly what they want and uses a long-tailed keyword? Will the engine be able to map the query with the perfect match? What if they are using only one of your many products or services? Will the search results be limited to the same?

There are just some factors that can help you gauge how relevant your search engine is. The more, the merrier. Pretty simple, ain’t it? But when it comes to incorporating relevance into search engines, it’s an altogether different ballgame. This whitepaper will walk you through it.

Key Takeaways


Why Relevance Matters for Enterprises

What is search relevance and how it affects organizations


Web Search in Organizational Setting

Why public search engines won’t be as successful within enterprise


The Two-Step Relevancy Process

Two quintessential steps to ensure relevance prevails