60-90% issues that support agents see are those that they’ve already seen before.

98% of support managers’ time is spent on putting out fires, managing escalations, and firefighting. They’re so busy fixing things the second time that they don’t have time to do things right the first time.

"Organizations try to automate a process before optimizing it. Unfortunately, automating a mess simply makes it messier, faster," says Phil Verghis, CEO of Klever Insight. "When the process is optimally designed, it becomes unnatural for the organization to follow it. There are too many obstacles that set them up for failure."

A focus on capturing and leveraging knowledge can really change the game. Organizations that understand the value of knowledge want to move to knowledge-first support. They struggle to do so because it seems complex and demands a lot of time, effort, and change from teams that are already drowned in cases.

However, it doesn’t have to be complex. It can be simple, joyful, and sustainable. How?

That’s exactly what Phil Verghis and Alok Ramsisaria, CEO, Grazitti Interactive (parent company of SearchUnify) discussed in a lively and insightful conversation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why is the case-first support model not sustainable?
  • What makes the knowledge-first model sustainable?
  • How can we simplify the transition to knowledge first?