Have you ever seen an episode of Star Trek where Captain Kirk uses the “communicator” to connect to anyone in his team? Once deemed only in the realm of fantasy movies, advanced technologies now form the core of the modern customer service ecosystem.

Ticketing systems, digital engagement, escalation management software, IVR—you need a combination of these technologies and a lot more to enable your support agents to solve customer queries effectively. Yet, we find support leaders drowning in this sea of solutions and not transforming or adapting as fast as they should. And here lies the caveat, as every time you add a new technology to your stack, you end up creating another infrastructural silo.

These technologies, although incrementally cutting-edge, do not offer the connectivity and scalability you need to arm your support teams with the arsenal required to provide next-generation support. A cognitive platform can help you break this barrier with seamless connectivity to enterprise knowledge, advanced machine learning algorithms, and an insights engine that can augment its artificial intelligence to streamline and automate agent workflows.

Key Takeaways from the Webinar:

  • Key elements of a modern customer service ecosystem
  • Why a unified cognitive platform forms the core for the ultimate agent desktop
  • A day in the life of a support agent and how cognitive tech can transform the end-to-end employee experience