Are Customer Experiences Really Improving?

New CCW Digital research uncovers surprising facts about the current customer experience. With only 36% of customers stating that the typical customer service employee seriously cares about them, their feelings and their issue it is clear that most contact center agents are struggling to leave a favorable impression when interacting with your customers.

The problems are many - no option for reaching a live agent (46%), limited support hours (39%), repetitive questions (37%), and frequent transfers (37%) to name a few.

In view of this research, you might say this is a people OR a process problem. But this lack of 'care' stems from a highly complex and inefficient agent experience. As they attempt to navigate dated and disconnected contact center technology, search through content and understand customer intent, they are overwhelmed. This leads to diminished experiences and gives customers the impression that they do not care about them.

Advanced cognitive technology can solve this problem and a lot more. Agent and customer experiences are in fact two sides of the same coin, and connecting them with a centralized technology can help your organization deliver a seamless, personalized and proactive experience.

Tune in to this session Where Bharat Sethi, Product Manager, SearchUnify discusses how you can say goodbye to your CX and AX woes.