As products get more complex and customer education shifts to more asynchronous, bite-sized learning, now is the time for organizations to scale their customer education programs. In fact, recent research by IDC and Thought Industries suggests that investing in customer and extended enterprise education helps organizations gain 10% to 16% on key metrics across every segment of the customer life cycle.

But leveling up customer education programs and enabling an effective learner experience often falters when:

  • Learning content is spread across multiple platforms
  • The learning is not organized in a taxonomy that’s meaningful to the learners
  • The learning content is not organized into personalized, self-serve learning pathways that are easy to follow
  • Organizations do not track both formal and informal learning experiences to map to adoption rate

Join Samantha Valladao, Customer Education Program Manager, Thought Industries, and Vishal Sharma, CTO of SearchUnify as they discuss some key considerations for building a customer education strategy based on organizational maturity, using your learning management solution to center your learning value proposition, and putting cognitive technology to use in improving learning content searchability and tracking learner performance.