A latest report from IDC says that spending on AI technologies will grow to US$97.9 billion in 2023 — more than two and a half times the spending level of 2019. Almost a $100 billion industry. There is no iota of doubt that AI is set to accelerate digital transformation across every operational domain and it's pretty safe to assume that a lot of these spends will be directed towards improving the online community users’ discovery and support experiences.

From powering hyper-personalized discovery experiences, fueling applications like chatbots for contextual user conversations to augmenting community champions with community management automation, online communities are all poised to witness the AI adoption. But what are the driving forces spearheading AI adoption and key starting points to consider for early adopters? This panel discussion featuring Dave Evans, Mikhail Opletaye, Venessa Paech and Vishal Sharma shines light on some insightful themes including:

  • Key Opportunities for AI Adoption in Online Communities
  • Role of AI in Hyper-personalized Community Experiences and Interactions
  • Key Starting Points for Early Adopters of AI for Online Communities
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