According to a recent survey by Fortune, over 75% of the top 500 CEOs in the world believe that the current crisis has accelerated the pace of technological transformation. Every job function across the globe has had to adapt and evolve with this dynamic shift in operations.

Customer support is no different. With expectations becoming sky-high, knowledge bases growing in size and quantity, and uncertainty constantly clouding the future, support leaders are realizing the importance of augmenting their teams with the tools that ensure meaningful productivity even in the most dynamic environments, irrespective of where they might be working from.

Fortunately, AI and cognitive technology can future-proof digital experiences by equipping support teams with cross-channel search, deep analytics, and several search-powered apps and empower them to deliver a seamless CX.

In this session, Matt Wujciak, Analyst and Editor, Customer Management Practice, and Vishal Sharma, CTO, SearchUnify talked about:

  • Current top priorities for business leaders across the globe
  • How AI-powered search and applications can help you build a future-proof support operation
  • Key components of your AI Dream Team