Deep search analytics and advanced search tuning are two of the several strong areas of SearchUnify as highlighted in the latest evaluations by an independent research firm. These capabilities enable you to examine the reason behind the performance, improve the quality of your content, and boost the relevance of your search results. That’s not all!

Not only does SearchUnify give search administrators granular search analytics reports and greater control of search tuning, but it also works closely with them to help them get the best out of these tools.

In a fireside chat with Lynette Ledoux, Cheryl Zupke from Cornerstone shared how the customer success team at SearchUnify worked with her to help improve the cumulative case deflection from 39% to 50% in three months.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to gain insights from the search analytics reports, especially the new and advanced ones
  • How to tune search results for relevancy based on the insights gleaned from the reports
  • How to monitor the impact and continue to improve results