Every automation is not AI; its scope goes far beyond basic automation. It’s an amalgamation of emerging technologies. Therefore, sage is the one who, before investing in any tool or app that claims to be fueled by AI, understands how it leverages those technologies.

SearchUnify is a unified cognitive platform built on the core of cognitive technology, machine learning, and insights engine. It powers an intelligent search engine and an arsenal of next-gen, AI-powered apps that elevate self-service and support outcomes.

From understanding a user query to providing relevant answers, SearchUnify performs several steps to elevate digital experiences for customers and agents. For starters, it unifies disparate content sources and expedites information discovery. Then, it leverages machine learning and natural language processing to perceive user queries in their context. Consequently, it returns the most relevant, hyper-personalized recommendations at the top of the results page.

To understand how all these algorithms work in tandem, read our in-depth brochure!

Key Takeaways


Demystify the Fundamentals of SearchUnify

Gain a firm understanding of what makes SearchUnify the real McCoy of unified cognitive platforms


The Role of AI & Predictive Analysis

Learn how SearchUnify leverages ML, NLU, and NLP to deliver contextual and personalised results


How SearchUnify Elevates UX

Find out how users can customise their UI and UX design for a delightful experience