McKinsey found out that organizations leveraging chatbots are saving as much as 29% on customer service. It’s, therefore, no brainer that more and more organizations are using chatbots to enable better self-service. However, not all of them are sure of their bot success. The reasons could be many, i.e. lack of proper understanding or proper training, or not enough training data, etc.

In this eBook, we have compiled an exhaustive list of actionable ideas for a fruitful chatbot implementation and adoption that will help you make the most of your investment and help you chalk out a robust chatbot strategy.

Key Takeaways


Selecting the Perfect Chatbot

Parameters to evaluate while zeroing on a chatbot for support


Effective Chatbot Deployment

Leveraging search as the underlying technology and building apps on top of it


Maximizing ROI on your Chatbot Investment

Ways to train and maintain your bot to reap the most out of your investment