As businesses are becoming more and more data-driven, knowledge has become an important asset for any organization. And since the knowledge in a firm is collected in multiple applications & repositories, implementation of intelligent or cognitive search is the key to improving employee productivity and customer self-service success.

As per TSIA’s 2020 Support Services Tech Stack Survey, the member adoption of intelligent search has risen to 67%, up from 30% in 2008. However, companies continued to spend on new or additional intelligent search technology in 2020-21, which points to the fact that enterprises are not receiving the anticipated return on investment (ROI) from their current implementation. This research report by TSIA dives deep into the 10 prerequisites that enterprises should take into consideration before implementing intelligent or cognitive search for improving the ultimate outcomes. Download the report to read more!

Key Takeaways


TSIA Research on Intelligent Search Adoption

Trends and analysis reflecting rising adoption of cognitive search by TSIA members


10 Pre-Requisites to MakeIntelligent Search Work

Best practices you need to know for successful cognitive search implementation


Driving Business Impact withSuccessful Implementation

TSIA recommendations for elevating support and self-service outcomes with intelligent search