Fortune 500 companies lose at least $31.5 billion a year by failing to share knowledge, according to International Data Corp. (IDC).

And according to TSIA, 74% of organizations estimate that effective knowledge management disciplines increase company productivity by 10-40%.

That’s how important knowledge is to efficiency and productivity. Now, with more teams working remotely than ever before, creating a dispersed, globalized workforce—a workforce dependent on shared information, managing knowledge effectively has become all the more critical for organizations.

Customer support is one area where the importance of sharing and managing knowledge effectively can not be overemphasized. Who better can shed light on the challenges and best practices of managing knowledge and measuring its impact on business than actual practitioners—those who do it day-in-day-out?

In this webinar, Gabriel Lowe, Knowledge Manager, Rubrik, and Vivek Soman, Customer Success Manager, SearchUnify talked about:

  • Knowledge Management : Key Elements and Challenges
  • Key Analytics Reports for KM Effectiveness
  • Rubrik’s Journey Towards Knowledge Maturity with AI-Powered Insights
  • Elevating KM Effectiveness with NLG and KCS