AI for Smarter Support & Self-Service

From case deflection to automating knowledge creation, harness the power of AI to accelerate your digital transformation.


Win at Case Deflection

Maximize cost-efficiency of your support function with seamless delivery of case-resolving information.


Personalize at Scale

Harness the power of AI to deliver personalized results based on user interest, search trends and roles.


Transform CX with Chatbots

Reimagine CX with an intelligent chatbot that leverages AI to deliver contextual responses.


Optimize Resource Utilisation

Enable support reps to easily resolve L1 queries with relevant content, freeing up Tier 2 agents for handling complex cases.


Automate Knowledge Creation

Implement KCS with ML-driven auto-population that helps agents create a knowledge article as they’re responding to a case.


Enhance CS with Agent Helper

SearchUnify’s AI-powered search technology offers everything you need to enable successful self-service and more. It provides highly relevant and personalized search results for customer support channels, and its chatbot, Sarah.