Tickets often pass through multiple agents before landing in the right hands, impeding agent productivity and customer experience. But not for the organizations that follow the Intelligent Swarming (IS) framework over the tiered support model.

With IS, you can organize your support organization in a way where an individual support agent works on a ticket from start to finish, without escalations. How? By assigning it to the best agent and roping in other experts as and when required.

But how to implement the framework? Well, that’s where SearchUnify steps into the picture. This handy brochure explains.

Key Takeaways


Nature & Scope of Intelligent Swarming

Discover the real essence of IS in catapulting support efficiency by enabling better team collaboration.


Intelligent Swarming vs. Tiered Support Model

Know the difference between the two support models and find out which one will help you attain peak performance.


Cognitive Technology for Intelligent Swarming

Learn how the addition of cognitive technology to your support org makes following IS a lot simpler.