Imagine the possibilities if Dynamics 365 could be connected to your entire KB. The impact on knowledge discovery and engagement would be truly mind-boggling, wouldn’t it? Well, you can do that — and much more — with the help of a cognitive search and insights engine.

SearchUnify for Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps your support teams deliver exceptional customer service by enabling you to instantly index multiple content sources and accelerates knowledge discovery to present the most relevant results to your support agents without them having to leave the console. Backed by robust AI algorithms, it enables you to track customer journey and search history to ensure relevant and personalized results, and in turn, boost CSAT and FCR. Download this datasheet to know how you can scale your support ecosystem with SearchUnify's unified cognitive platform for Dynamics 365.

Key Takeaways


Experience the Power of Universal Connectivity

Role of a unified cognitive platform in enabling unified access to enterprise content


Transform Every Support Interaction with Relevance

Role of AI-powered relevance in personalizing customer service interactions


Actionable Insights for Proactive Decision-Making

How deep insights into customer journey can help support agents boost FCR and CSAT