Technical writers belt out heaps of knowledge to aid customers and support engineers. But since the information is scattered over disparate sources, it often slips under the radar and fails to engage the target audience. It is time to turn the tide with an insights engine.

SearchUnify offers content teams real time insights into what users are looking for, what information they do and don't find useful, thus helping technical writers bridge content gaps. Cognitive search also empowers technical writers to easily access information scattered across multiple resources in order to create helpful content. Download this datasheet to know how AI-powered search and insights contribute to improving content ROI by seeing how users engage with content and in turn, enable effective content strategizing.

Key Takeaways


Search All Information at One Place

How cognitive search allows content teams to scan multiple sources to find gold nuggets of information


Discover and Bridge Content Gaps

How cognitive search enables content teams to understand what people look for but cannot find


Analyze Content Performance with Rich Insights

Measure and showcase content’s impact with concrete metrics and performance analysis