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Technical writers belt out heaps of knowledge to aid customers and support engineers. But since the information is scattered over disparate sources, it often slips under the radar and fails to engage the target audience. It is time to turn the tide with insights engine.

Want to know how? Fret not, this datasheet explains just that:

  • Bridging content gaps by identifying gray areas – what people look for but cannot find.
  • Leveraging cognitive search to ensure relevant knowledge always reaches those who seek it – customers and support representatives alike.
  • Improving content ROI by seeing how users engage with content and strategizing accordingly.

What Our Customers Say

Grazitti has been a tremendous help to us with analytics. They’ve catapulted us months ahead of our internal project plan and have not slowed down.

Jason Antony

Masha Finkelstein

Demand Generation Lead, BetterWorks

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