SearchUnify’s Key Strengths Noted by IDC MarketScape Report 2023


Customer Support and Satisfaction

SearchUnify's customers rated it highly on customer support and ease of use, particularly for low-code/no-code tools designed for non-developers. Customers feel that SearchUnify is a strong partner, working with them on customizations and other requests including allowing customers to add their own branding to the end UI.


Strong Start in Generative AI

SearchUnify has been one of the earlier search and knowledge discovery vendors to put robust generative AI features into GA production for its customers. The company provides a relatively flexible framework in terms of the variety of LLMs it can work with, along with its own fine-tuned versions for customers' specific needs, and its FRAG approach allows customers to leverage RAG beyond a single index.


Consider SearchUnify When...

you are looking for a unified platform that specializes in customer support and community management use cases, with the ability to support other use cases such as enterprise search, and solid low-code/no-code development tools.

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