Fortinet’s data corpus was growing at a breakneck speed. However, the information was scattered across multiple repositories, which made it cumbersome for the users to find.

Consequently, the onus to resolve repetitive L1 queries fell on the support agents, leaving them high and dry while being submerged under the burgeoning caseload. Together, these challenges were casting a shadow over Fortinet’s efforts to provide a stellar customer and agent experience.

Enter the bonafide duo of Khoros and SearchUnify.

The real AI-powered community facilitated a unified discovery experience for the agents and customers within and outside the Khoros community. That circumvented poor findability while enabling the Fortinet team to glean valuable insights into content gaps.

This newfound visibility revolutionized the search experience and turned the community into a case deflection engine. Wondering how? This case study explains.

Key Takeaways

Unify Enterprise Information Icon

Unify Enterprise Information

Quash the swivel-chair effect and empower users with unified access to information, thus helping them find case-resolving content faster.

Evaluate Content Gaps to Ameliorate Self-Service Icon

Evaluate Content Gaps to Ameliorate Self-Service

Real-time and valuable insights into searches with no results and content gap analysis help to identify and bridge the gaping holes.

Revolutionize Content Discovery  with Intelligent Search icon

Revolutionize Content Discovery with Intelligent Search

Witness AI-powered search find the most relevant content from a unified knowledge index and convert your community into a one-stop shop.