According to a Salesforce report, 89% of business buyers are more likely to buy again after a positive customer service experience.

It’s no secret that cutting-edge products and services need to be complemented by even sharper customer support. Seamless and timely access to relevant information can make or break a company’s ability to support their customers.

That’s why organizations spend a lot of time and resources on their KM efforts. Yet, a TSIA survey revealed that employee-facing & customer-facing knowledge programs got an average rating of a measly 5.5 out of 10.

Enter KCS. The methodology revolutionizes KM programs to simplify knowledge creation and evolution. That’s not new, the way Automation Anywhere implemented it is.

Vyjayanthi Sreenivasan, Sr. Manager, Self-Help & Community, Automation Anywhere, had devised a robust framework for the company’s KCS initiative. But to close the loop, she needed a vantage point to analyze and amplify the effectiveness of the program.

That’s where SearchUnify’s insights engine and app suite stepped in. The platform armed her with intelligent search and granular reports that helped monitor and ingrain KCS in Automation Anywhere’s ethos.

Join us for a live webinar where Vyjayanthi Sreenivasan discusses her KCS journey with Divanshi Arora, Senior Customer Success Manager, SearchUnify. Together, they will talk about:

  • Devising a robust KCS framework
  • Role of analytics in closing the KCS Double Loop Process
  • Strategic value of cognitive technology in product adoption