Enterprises can generate an average ROI of 6,469% via achieving successful online community engagement. Amazing, right?

Having an online community is like inviting your customer avatar into your virtual store and having them come back every single day thereafter. However, as the interactions scale and data accumulate, it gives birth to silos, causing poor content findability and engagement.

Alteryx, a leading advanced analytics software provider, drives a highly active customer community. Circumventing poor findability became a monumental challenge for them too. Alteryx overcame this challenge and scaled so well that it went on to win awards like CMX 2021 Community of the Year.

With a functional community design and efficient community search powered by SearchUnify, Alteryx community grew dramatically in 2020. Its membership increased by over 80,000 and engagement increased by over 115,000 posts, and the conversion ratio on search results climbed to 50%. Want to know how? Download the case study.

Key Takeaways


Have a Simple and Functional Community Design

Keep navigation simple and make it easy for members to find what they are looking for


Educate, Encourage, and Engage Community Members

Encourage members to use search, educate them to use it well, and engage them with relevant results


Fuel Engagement with Proactive & Personalized Search Experience

Personalize their experience with custom, intelligent, and proactive community search