Salesforce Service Cloud is the world’s most popular support platform for a reason. According to a Salesforce Customer Success survey, “with the use of Salesforce, customer service agents have seen an increase of 34% productivity.” If you’re deploying Service Cloud to manage your workflows for your support team – congratulations! You’ve made a good decision to up your support game. It’s time you want to extend its capabilities by integrating intelligent answers and insights into it.

In this eBook, we will cover how you can turbocharge your customer support and get all the answers within your Salesforce Service Console. If those takeaways sound like your goals, this ebook is definitely for you. Download it and get started!

Key Takeaways


Extending Salesforce standard search capabilities

How cognitive search can overcome limitations of standard search capabilities


Boosting Salesforce Support with Cognitive Search

Strategies to turbocharge Salesforce standard search with AI and ML


Elevating Agent Productivityin Salesforce

How cognitive search empowers agents with answers within their console