Why SearchUnify ?

Prevent Merge

Easy Deployment & Effortless

Go live within minutes not months – faster than all comparable solutions – leveraging inbuilt connectors, quick UI setup and user-friendly console.

Align Marketing

Cognitive Search for End Users
Rich Insights for Smart Decisions

Revolutionize accessing relevant information from multiple sources & sharing with employees, partners, and customers. Increase efficiency and make intelligent decisions by leveraging user-centric analytics.

Accurate Report

Personalized Interactions
leveraging AI

Deliver personalized, relevant search results by leveraging comprehensive optimization techniques and improve search experience by using machine learning.

Our Customers Love Us

SearchUnify, a Grazitti Interactive product, is an enterprise search solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive relevance and enhance personalization on your enterprise platforms. The AI-powered search solution unifies disparate content sources and provide rich insights to all sakeholders while perserving access controls and other entitlements.

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