Customer support holds paramount importance for business survival. People nowadays are inclined towards self-serving and speaking of self-service, it isn’t really successful without the right search engine in place. With minimal real-life interactions happening in the digitized world, you need a search engine that not only understands the user intent, but also is smart enough to understand the context of queries. A search engine that is capable of disambiguating the meanings of ambiguous phrases and terms. Semantic search engines fit the bill.

This e-book will walk you through the fundamentals of semantic search and how the dynamics of your search game are changed for better when it is integrated with cognitive technology.

Key Takeaways


Fundamentals of Semantic Search

Gain a firm understanding of semantic search’s meaning, history and principles


Semantics as the Basis of Cognitive Search

Learn how semantic processing is changing the search game


Semantics as the Key Driver of Support Success

Discover how semantic search engines have transformed the support landscape