Chatbots came and instantly became the talk of industries. But they failed on many fronts.

Initially, chatbots were considered a godsend for businesses because of all the advantages they brought to the table. Unfortunately, they failed. And the difference between real and reel life was too big and widespread to be attributed to faulty implementation.

The first bots had a flaw. They lacked cognition and literally ‘sticked to the script.’ It impeded their capability to provide highly contextual and meaningful responses. And that’s precisely why some business leaders are not big on adopting chatbots.

Wouldn’t it be great if bots could actually decipher queries and frame responses accordingly? Well, they can. And cognitive engines provide the means to fill the void. This ebook explains.

Key Takeaways


Bots for All Verticals

How bots aid different teams in addition to support


Why They Fail

Which factors lead to their downfall in organizations


Cognitive Search to the Rescue

How cognitive search helps unlock hyper-personalized bot interactions