With a whopping $324 billion worldwide spending on Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and Large Language Model (LLM) integrations, it's safe to say that these technologies have taken over all walks of industries.

But, despite the buzz, LLM technology remains a mystery. Not anymore! We are here to unravel the enigma and provide insights on how LLMs can benefit your enterprise, especially your customer support function.

Tune into the on-demand session where our esteemed keynote speakers, Rowan Curran, Forrester Analyst, and Alok Ramisaria, CEO of Grazitti Interactive, will delve deeper into this topic.

Key Takeaways:
  • Best practices for fine-tuning LLM vendor applications
  • Steering clear of blanket or one-size-fits-all applications
  • All high-profile LLMs are not trained on contact center use cases so they require a vast amount of training and maintenance before going live