Thanks to chatbots, every operational domain, including customer service, community engagement, social listening etc. is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Having said that, implementing traditional and multifarious standalone bots for each use case can have a detrimental impact on investment ROI and steal the opportune of customer service efficiency.

TSIA recognized SearchUnify’s chatbots as “best-of-breed” and there’s a good reason for that. Built on the foundation of unified cognitive search, SearchUnify’s unified approach to bots powers relevant and personalized results across multiple use cases - Virtual Agents to deflect customer support queries, ML-powered Agent Helper to augment agent productivity and lower turnaround time, AI-powered Community Helper to redefine community engagement and Social Helper to elevate social care and auto-respond based on social sentiment. This datasheet delves deep into their capabilities and how teaming up with NLP and ML makes them a gold dust for business operations.

Key Takeaways


Squashing Cons ofConventional Bots with AI

How search-powered bots differ from standalone bots in technical capabilities & benefits


SearchUnify’s Unified Approach to Chatbots

How SearchUnify’s cognitive search framework powers bots for multiple use cases


Acing Business Goals Across Channels

Integrated capabilities of support bot, agent helper, community helper and social bot