Built on Salesforce and for Salesforce clients, Appinium is a leading provider of content distribution and tracking solutions. Unequivocally, it provides unparalleled capabilities around content access control and consumption analytics within the Salesforce ecosystem. However, to extend these capabilities beyond it and deliver outstanding user experience as a whole, Appinium needs a unified cognitive platform.

This is where SearchUnify comes into the picture. It revolutionizes information discovery to unleash the full potential of Appinium. From enabling object-level permissions, providing cross-channel search & access to giving real-time insights, SearchUnify does it all. Download this datasheet to understand how.

Key Takeaways


Enhance Learning with Better Accessibility

Learn how you can make Appinium content easily accessible across & beyond Salesforce


Drive BetterEngagement

Know how SearchUnify helps you to deliver personalized results for better engagement


Gain Actionable Insights

Find how users interact with the knowledge on your site to identify & bridge content gaps