Imagine the possibilities if your support agents and users could access your enterprise wide content irrespective of where it resides, without leaving the Zendesk console. The impact on information discovery, agent productivity and user engagement would be, to put it mildly, mind boggling!

Cognitive search enables Zendesk users to discover relevant content faster. It enables your support and self-service teams identify and fill content gaps, gain comprehensive insights into a user’s journey to boost first contact resolution and much more!

Download this datasheet to know how SearchUnify can help create an integrated discovery experience for your Zendesk Support and Guide users.

Key Takeaways


Augment Agent Productivity

Learn how SearchUnify’s AI algorithms can drive faster case resolution and boost support efficiency


Drive Relevance for your Zendesk Users

Witness the role of AI-powered relevance in delivering personalized and relevant answers to users and support aficionados


Leverage AI-Powered Insights for Smarter Decisions

Learn how SearchUnify’s in-built analytics help identify content gaps and boost first contact resolution