Your agents have a hard time hopping from their ServiceNow Customer Service workflow to other KBs to find case-resolving knowledge. What if they could do that inside the console infrastructure? A cognitive search engine creates a unified index of all your KBs and retrieves information effortlessly.

The customers leave a trail of data as they browse through your repositories. Here again, the engine collects & analyzes this data to help agents identify the underlying issue, and provides a better search experience to the customer that propels deflection.

Key Takeaways


Seamless Access to Knowledge with Unified Search

How cognitive search offers agents access to incident-resolving knowledge inside ServiceNow infrastructure


AI-Powered Relevance for Better FCR

How AI-algorithms help tune the most helpful, case resolving information at the top for agents


Leverage Rich Insights to Improve MTTR

How deep insights into customer journey enable agents to personalize customer service and boost MTTR