Every marketer faces different challenges. Although the underlying goal remains the same, some teams fail to curate relevant content, while others, despite having abundant content, fail to surface the right information at the right time. Cognitive technology is your one-stop solution. It leverages AI and ML to give a 360-degree view of your entire enterprise knowledge, creating a unified brand experience. Bid adieu to window-hopping!

Cognitive search engines also harness the power of NLP and text-analytics to better understand user intent and search context, delivering relevant results. Download this datasheet to learn how features like analytics, chatbots, etc. offered by SearchUnify can be a game-changer in attracting, engaging and converting leads.

Key Takeaways


Unified Brand Experience

Learn how SearchUnify connects multiple digital touch points across your enterprise to provide a unified brand experience


Personalized Relevance

How ML, NLP and AI-powered tuning work hand in hand to surface the right collateral at the right time for the right people


Chatbots for Effective Nurturing

Learn how search-powered bots lead to better nurturing, accelerated conversions and seamless handoffs