The life science industry and pharmaceutical companies accumulate an extensive amount of data over years of medical innovations, drug development, approval process, and pharmacovigilance. In order to best leverage this data, you need an AI-driven cognitive solution that will make the right information available to the right people at the right time.

Download this datasheet to know how SearchUnify taps into insights of previous clinical trials to prepare designs for future trials, put together a team of experts to facilitate better collaboration for drug development, reduce time to market, advance research and development, and streamline regulatory affairs.

Key Takeaways


Optimize Clinical Trials with NLP

How NLP-based text mining helps in better patient-matching to speed up clinical trial turnaround time


Reduce Time to Market with Insights

How insights engine and predictive analytics help to discover the potential of new drugs and treatments


Trace a Network of Experts with AI & ML

How AI & ML help track the footprints left by experts in data like clinical trials, lab notes, patient filings, etc