Organizations worldwide use Higher Logic to bring people - customers, prospects, partners, employees - together, by giving their community a home where they can interact and engage, share and validate ideas, ask and answer questions, and stay connected.

By making information discovery seamless and effortless, SearchUnify for Higher Logic further equips the platform to fuel the engagement. It empowers the online community users to discover relevant content faster and businesses to identify and fill content gaps, gain comprehensive insights into a user’s journey to make data-driven decisions, and much more!

Download this datasheet to know how SearchUnify can help create a unified discovery experience for your Higher Logic community users.

Key Takeaways


Personalize User Experience

Serve relevant and personalized content to each user based on their behavior, profile, interests, and search history.


Increased Engagement

Engage users in conversations with search-powered chatbots that are capable of understanding the intent behind a question.


Quantify Your Community’s Value

Track key metrics to measure and improve engagement, and make strategic decisions with insights powered by search analytics.