Young, tech-savvy learners in the digital era are driven by online engagement They expect personalized support and demand quick access to information on their course, curriculum, progress, and assessment. Your website or online community becomes the source of all the information they want. Not just students (current or prospective), but also each visitor—the faculty, parents, alumni—have diverse needs & queries when they visit your web portal for information.

Cognitive search enables you to present relevant information to each visitor by leveraging powerful AI & machine learning algorithms.

Apart from that, it also provides rich insights into user behavior which can be utilized to improve the user experience and increase engagement, thereby strengthening your brand. Download this datasheet to know how cognitive search can transform higher education.

Key Takeaways


Digitally Transform Education

Engage students as well as the faculty better across your digital properties - channels and assets


Redefine Learning Experience

Enable everyone to access information smartly & securely with revolutionized information discovery


Optimize Education Strategy

Gain deep insights into the user behavior across your digital properties and make informed decisions