eCommerce is a highly competitive space. There are approximately 110,000 eCommerce websites, and not even 50% of them are generating revenue of meaningful scale on the internet (Source). Clearly, you need to step up the game.

Cognitive Search can help.

It revolutionizes product discovery & leverages unique natural language understanding (NLU) algorithms for higher conversions. Download this datasheet, to know how it redefines the shopper’s experience by powering personalization & boosting relevancy with AI-based results.

Key Takeaways


Simplify Product Discovery

How NLU deciphers user query to understand what visitor wants and provide the relevant items


Improve User Experience

How machine learning analyzes every visitor and then personalizes their experience accordingly


Drive Upselling & Cross-selling

How AI leverages behavioral and purchases data to upsell and cross-sell for maximum revenue