Adobe Experience Manager is a great tool to create and manage wonderful digital experiences. It simplifies the management and delivery of websites' content and assets; you can build and manage mobile sites and responsive designs from one single platform and deliver online experiences to the right customers. But, the answer your AEM-powered website visitors are looking for could be residing in your brand community, product documentation, or any other of the many information silos in your enterprise.

SearchUnify for Adobe Experience Manager connects these silos and brings them under a unified index. This enables users to find all the answers they’re looking for right on your website - that too personalized and relevant to them. This datasheet dives deep into the role of cognitive search in providing seamless access to digital content and assets from across the enterprise within your AEM-powered site and in turn, drive content engagement and marketing success.

Key Takeaways


Build a unified brand experience

How cognitive search offers website visitors access to enterprise-wide information that is relevant and personalized for them


Simplify content discovery

How cognitive search helps end users navigate the enterprise maze and recommend the right content at the right time


Rich insights and analytics

How an AI-powered insights engine can help inform your content strategy and enable you to make better decisions