date icon November 19, 2020
date icon 10 AM PST




Ajay Paul Singh

Head of Marketing


Michael Torok

Director of Knowledge &
Community Management

Leighton Nelson

Education Technology Manager

Vivek Soman

Customer Success Manager

Content findability!

Is it a content problem, or a search problem, or both?

Findability has a huge impact on your customer and employee experience. In fact, more than 55% enterprise leaders agree that findability is critical to the success of their overall business goals. Yet people struggle to make it work. For the public search engines, you can only optimize your content and make it search-friendly - by adding tags, metadata, keywords, but when you have your own search engine on your own digital property (support community or website or help center), you can optimize both, the content and search, for the best findability. By making your most helpful and relevant content easily findable, you enable your users to drive self-service.

Watch this insightful panel discussion where customer education, community, and customer success experts discussed key challenges and best practices for improving content findability and self-service success.

Key Discussion Points

  • What are the issues on the content side and how can you fix them?
  • How can you leverage a cognitive search engine to improve findability?
  • How do you measure the relevance and findability of your content?
  • How can you quantify the value generated or saved by relevant and findable content?