Cognitive search is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get value from artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. For any digital channel, search is the fundamental source of truth that can offer insights into user behavior, intent, and problems. Enterprises across the globe are realizing this. They want to maximize the capabilities of self-service and support platforms by harnessing the power of intelligent search for seamless discovery and elevated customer experience.

However, adopting the technology isn't enough.

It brings numerous challenges that sometimes take dedicated teams months to overcome. Successful search implementations require following a set of best considerations that some major search vendors seldom dive into. In this interactive session, we will discuss common pre- and post-implementation considerations, and shed light on topics like mapping case deflection to ROI of search.

Key Takeaways


Hear from TSIA

New, unreleased data showing rising adoption of cognitive search by TSIA members


10 Secrets To Make Search Work

Best practices you need to know to enhance self-service with cognitive search


Closing the Loop

How intelligent self-service leads to better support