In an era of constantly evolving customer expectations, modern customers getting stuck in the support waiting room limbo can be detrimental to any business. Despite that, most modern support organizations still find themselves in the outmoded tiered customer support model – a linear escalation hierarchy where the troubled tickets of varying difficulty get escalated, passed on through rigid tiers and multiple queues. This brings up a crucial question – Is there a better modus operandi to combat a fair share of challenges of modern service desk? Enter Intelligent SwarmingSM (IS)

Known as ‘collaboration on steroids’, the framework taps into the specialized skill set of your service reps to triage support tickets to the best-fit agent from the get-go. It emphasizes collaboration over individual contributors, thereby enabling your support team to work as a one cohesive unit. A recent TSIA research demonstrated an 11% increase in loyalty, a 13% increase in profit margin, far lower attrition, and 4.48 out of 5 for customer satisfaction in the collaborative support model (IS) as compared to the tiered customer support model.

However, the transition to a swarming model isn’t always easy. Join Beth Coleman, Founder CATALYNK and Certified KCS®v6 and Intelligent Swarming Trainer and Brian Corcoran, Certified KCS Practitioner and Regional Sales Manager, SearchUnify as they discuss how the right technology can enable support reps to provide a more connected, collaborative support experience, and empower them with intelligent applications to help incorporate IS within agent workflows.

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