According to TSIA benchmark data, the fully burdened cost to solve a customer problem via a phone call averages $230, compared to only $52, fully burdened, to solve a problem using self-service.

Not only does a great self-service adoption cut costs and improve support margins, but also helps unlock next-level customer satisfaction and retention. Hence, designing an intuitive support portal is paramount in today's business landscape.

Automation Anywhere, a renowned cloud automation company, is leading by example. Recently honored with the TSIA Star Award and the ASP Award for “Best Support Website,” they have set the standard high for leading support organizations.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and an innovative mindset, they were able to achieve remarkable results in a short span, thereby driving superior customer support experience.


Self-service Success


Reduction in
Case Resolution Time


Participation from Support
Engineers in KB Contribution

Curious to know more? Watch the webinar, as Sahana P., Senior Manager, Self-service, Automation Anywhere, and Francoise Tourniarie, Founder of FT Works, have highlighted the winning strategies and tools to drive seamless customer support and self-service experiences in 2024 and beyond, mainly centered around:


The importance of simplicity in support website design


How a strong content strategy drives self-service success


How to enable a personalized self-service experience


The best methodology for website design and refinement


How AI can contribute to self-service success